Mold In The News Fail

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Dr. Elizabeth Vaughan is on point in the beginning, but here are the fails that follow:

1. “Toxic Black Mold” is purely hype. There are numerous molds that are highly toxic. I personally react instantly to Acremonium with headaches and dizziness. There are a few different strains of these assumed to be toxic mold, some of them dark green. The “Toxic Block Mold” talk is trivializing molds overall danger.

2. When asked by the interviewer what one should do if they think they have a mold problem the good doctor pointed her to a magazine. A magazine! She then said that people should “find someone about toxic black mold and get some help”. The problem is that nobody is really knowledgeable enough in all this to help. Doctors would chase symptoms as the person gets sicker and the mold inspectors would simply identify it and repeatedly clean it up for you for a nice fee.

What is missing is this:
If you have mold you must stop the source of water.
If the water is stopped the mold will die rather quickly. Experienced mold remediation companies can discover the source of water and prevent it from further causing damage. This is always the first step unless physical symptoms are serious.

A doctor can only treat the symptoms while eliminating the mold (mold remediation) is the only thing that will stop the problem at its root.