Moldy Basement Smell

It is very common for homeowners to have a moldy or mildewy smell in their basement that is very hard to locate. There can be many causes of such smell and the tracking alone can make some a little queasy. Oftentimes the mold is in small recessed areas that are very difficult to locate without either very specific equipment or a highly experienced person inspecting the area. Mold is often found behind finished walls. This makes location limited to foundation exposure in basements or some wall removal in upper floors. Sometimes these problems can only be determined by having the area looked over by professionals. Basement Detective is the DC area company capable of determining the source of the condition(s) that can cause mold growth. There are only a few independent companies like this one that offer services such as finding and repairing the cause(s) for homeowners and contractors.

EPA Mold Course

The Environmental Protection Agency has developed an online tutorial course as an overview to mold prevention and remediation. This course is meant to cover basic information for property owners and contractors and should not be used in lieu of a state-approved certification course. The course is based on the EPA’s guide “Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings”. People who may find this information of value include public and environmental health professionals including, but not limited to, building managers, custodians, remediators, and contractors.

To take the basic knowledge quiz on mold, continue to the Pre-test.

This is the first of a series of mold publications circulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. More information and resources on mold can be found at the main website for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. All images are used for presentation and educational purposes and can be located in the EPA’s Image Library.

Suggested Study Schedule: We suggest reviewing one lesson a day. At the end of each chapter, take the knowledge test to be sure you are understanding the material. If you do not score with an 80% accuracy, you should review the material and retest.

Mold Destroys Home… again.

To anyone who has worked with mold knows that the symptoms this man describes in the following article are very common and very real. Mold can make you sick.

Mold Destroys Man’s House

Mold On Paneling

Mold growth on paneling or other well treated wood is more rare than mold growth on drywall or carpet. Modern paneling though is not treated as thoroughly as it used to be and will allow mold to grow on its surface.